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HRD Specialized K9 Training and our Instructors offer a variety of classes throughout the year geared towards improving the HRD K9 Team. These classes range from small, less than 10 teams, to large groups that number close to 30 teams. If you don't see a class that meets your needs please let us know.


This is the original full remains course that we introduced in 2011. It is focused on introducing full body decomposition, the mechanics of the trained final response, and improving handler skills. With this course we partner classroom presentations with field exercises to enhance the handler education experience.



This course we introduced in 2012 and focuses on improving the response of HRD K9 teams to remains that are buried. Isolated individual burials, historic burials partnered with Ground-Penetrating Radar and probing instruction, and a scenario that culminates in locating a burial. Must have completed Foundations prior to registrations.



Are you up for the challenge? This course is designed for advanced teams and pushes the limits of the canines and the handlers over a 36 hour operational period. Training logs, CV, Report Writing skills, and a review of the handlers working knowledge of the HRD K9 Discipline.



This course is designed to introduce HRD K9s to working from multiple motorized platforms and from the shoreline in the search for submerged human remains. The course enhances canine odor recognition and the trained response to human decomposition, while educating the handler further about working in a marine environment, odor movement, and search techniques.

Additional Courses

Clandestine and Historical Grave Detection

HRD Puppy Basics

HRD Basics and Documentation

HRD Low Threshold

Online and Webinar Series Courses 


Documentation and Report Writing

Human Decomposition and Odor Movement

Watch for more classes in the future.

Private Training


Private training can be arranged for teams or individuals. Please feel free to contact us about your training needs. 

Specialized Recovery Classes Available
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