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Beginning in January of 2020 we will host a Monthly Trainers Forum either the last Thursday or Sunday of each month. This forum will be hosted by HRD Specialized K9 Training as a way for handlers to ask questions, gain perspective, or learn more about the recovery of human remains. This forum is offered Freely to the K9 Community. 

How do you get access to the Trainers Forum?


You are automatically given access by having either signed up for the mailing list, attended one of our classes, or made a purchase from this website. 

Registration is FREE!



How will the Forum work? 

The guest instructor decides the topic or topics they wish to present on then we will collect questions for the month leading up to the Trainers Forum session. The guest instructor will open by presenting on their selected topic, then will answer the submitted questions, and then will close with any additional questions from those in attendance. Recordings of past sessions are available to view on YouTube.

How to submit questions for the Monthly Trainers Forum?

Questions can be submitted to to have your question included in the monthly session. 

What are the Dates?

January 30th (Thursday) - Lisa Higgins

February 27th (Thursday) - Robin Greubal 

March 29th (Sunday) - William "Bill" Dotson

April 30th (Thursday) - Craig Schutlz

May 31st (Sunday) - Cat Warren

June 28th (Sunday) - Elizabeth LaPointe

July 30th (Thursday)

August 30th (Sunday)

September 27th (Sunday)

October 29th (Thursday)

November 29th (Sunday)

December 27th (Sunday)

Who are the guest Trainers?

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Trainers Forum Guest include Ben Alexander, Bill Dotson, Brad Dennis, Cat Warren, Craig Schultz, Elizabeth LaPointe, Greg Cole, Jennifer Hirakawa, Lisa Higgins, Robin Greubel, and more will be added shortly. Past sessions can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

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